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  • Ingrid Arellano

How to avoid wedding day disasters!

Here are some ways to ensure a smooth wedding day!

I know you are probably really busy making plans for your wedding right now. But if you have a minute, I thought I could share a few tips with you to keep your planning running smoothly and avoid a dreaded wedding day disaster.

There are two simples things you can do to ensure your wedding day goes as planned:

The first thing is, well… planning! Failing to plan is planning to fail, so make a checklist and start planning. You should have timelines for flowers and dresses and everything in between. And all of these processes should fit into one much bigger and more complicated timeline.

Sound exhausting and a little intimidating? You’re not the only bride to have ever felt this way! The reason I am sending you this email is to let you know that planning your wedding doesn’t have to stressful. At least not when you are working with professionals. And that leads us into the second and most important thing you can do to make sure your wedding goes smoothly.

Don’t hire amateurs! Stick with professionals only. You will thank yourself for this later when trying to coordinate with the people you hire. A professional will assist with planning. An amateur might have a hard time sticking to timelines due to a lack of experience.

With 7 years of experience, I’ve seen the pressure brides can be put under by so-called “professionals” who don’t hold up their end of the bargain. They don’t assist with any planning or preparation and leave it to the bride, who has more things to worry about than she can count. To avoid this, a little research can go a long way. Read reviews, make sure you know how long someone has been in the field, and talk to them extensively before hiring them. Do they seem like they know what they’re doing? It’s easy to spot a less than ideal candidate for the job if you do a little digging. As a professional wedding photographer, it’s my job to help you plan a seamless timeline for taking your wedding photos. There’s a lot of planning that goes into photographing each stage of your wedding, and you should know that you don’t have to do it all alone.

Have a backup plan for everything. For example, if you have planned an outdoor wedding and it rains on your wedding day, you already have to know what you going to do.

Wedding Sparkles

Last but not least, relax and enjoy your day! If something unexpected happens just ignore it and enjoy your day with your family and friends. Remember, the day is to celebrate your wedding with your love, family and friends!


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